AggieExchange is designed to provide an online space where students can easily buy and sell items from one another in a safe and secure environment.

AggieWorks is a product development organization building software for students at UC Davis. We are a tight-knit community of engineers, designers, product managers, and marketers that works to improve student life with innovative technology.

Please keep in mind that AggieExchange is still in beta.

There may be minor website bugs. We encourage you to share your feedback about the product - what you like, any bugs you encounter, and suggestions for future improvement. Your thoughts will help us shape the future of AggieExchange as we refine the platform in the coming quarters.

Create a Listing
Take pictures of your product

Upload up to 4 pictures of your product. Be sure to select your best photo as the cover image for your listing. If your product has multiple customization options, consider including images of these variations.

Tip: Make sure to use good lighting when taking your pictures.

Describe your item

Use the provided fields to provide additional information about your product. Condition and category allows potential buyers to easily find your item.

Tip: Craft a detailed description and maintain transparency so that users are well-informed about your product.

Select Price and Delivery Options

Decide on your desired price for the item. Then, establish your preferred shipment or pickup method. Decide upon a specific location for in-person pickup or shipment dropoff.

Tip: MU and Silo are popular places for pickup because of their central location on campus.


All communication will take place via UC Davis email, ensuring a direct and convenient channel for buyers and sellers to interact. Buyers can initiate these conversations from any listing page to reach out to sellers for inquiries or negotiations. Once a seller is contacted, buyers will receive a confirmation email that their inquiry has been sent, and sellers will be able to directly reply to it through their inbox. These email conversations will be private, just like traditional email exchanges, safeguarding the confidentiality and privacy of the discussions.

Once you’ve sold your item

To mark an item as sold, navigate to the 3 dots on the top right on your listing page, then click “mark as sold” so it appears in the “sold” tab on your profile. This will demonstrate to prospective buyers that you are a dependable and active seller. Before marking your item as sold, please ensure you have confirmed receipt of payment and that the buyer has received their product to guarantee a smooth transaction.

Saving an Item

Click the heart button to add an item to your favorites collection. You can access all your liked items by visiting the 'Favorites' tab on your profile.

Purchasing an Item

To initiate the process of purchasing an item, compose a message to the seller using the 'Contact Seller' box on the listing page. Ensure that you address all your inquiries regarding the product and coordinate the payment and pickup method.

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